We believe that quality IT is more that just head-knowledge and certifications.

Managed IT Services

IT Services Simplified

Most IT service companies have a lot of jargon right here. Words like alignment, strategic, trajectory, leverage, and the list goes on. We won’t do that. Let’s put this in plain words.

You have computers. Your computers need to talk to each other, and the outside world – hence you have a network. Your network needs to work consistently. You need safe internet access. You need equipment that actually functions.

The above paragraph – that’s what we work on. We get way too excited about aligning the strategic direction of your company’s technology trajectory in a … oh wait, sorry. Let’s just say we get really excited about making your technology work, and work well.

How do we do that? One of CCI’s themes is “people first, technology second.” We are relationship IT providers. If all you want is someone to come in with the technology equivalent of a plunger when something is clogged – that’s not us. Instead, we plug into your organization. We invest in learning your environment, your applications, your workflow. To us, it’s not a matter of whether something works or not, but whether it’s efficient, configured correctly (and securely!) and being utilized appropriately.

“We have everything in the cloud, do we still need help?” Absolutely. Utilizing cloud services is wonderful. But, a poorly setup cloud account exposes you to way more risk, than a configuration mistake on your local network. Let us review, optimize, and secure what you use in the cloud.

Why CCI for Your Company?


You’re not just a “number”, you’re a friend and someone we want to get to know.


We focus on serving you and being cost effective for all of your IT and security needs.


We care about your business – ultimately, we feel successful when you are first.

Here are CCI’s Tools

Below we can list out our tools that we can use with clients.

Managed IT

Fortigate Download

Who is maintaining your computer and IT systems?

Kaseya installer

Many companies can run their own IT operations, but need help with executive cyber security direction. We can help here!

Cyber Security

Many IT service providers claim to offer “cybersecurity.” But, are you really getting value and moving the needle here?

Cyber Security

Do you have a client/insurance provider that is asking you to comply with their cyber security guidelines? Is the check-list overwhelming? Let us walk you through the process!

Protecting your network and computers from cyber attacks should be your #1 priority. It’s ours!

Serving the US Heartland

Does your business need help with implementing an IT strategy?

Our team brings the highest quality support to Kansas City, St. Joseph, Atchison, Leavenworth, Overland Park, Lee’s Summit, Shawnee, Lawrence, Olathe and beyond.