Looking for an IT Support Company in Shawnee That Positions You to Compete with KCMO and Leawood Companies?

Do you want Shawnee business technology management and maintenance that supports efficiency, embraces innovation, and improves your ability to compete?

Sure, KCMO is bigger — Leawood a bit fancier.

But, as business leader competing with these larger players, you can’t settle for second-class service.

The CCI team of IT support professionals works daily with Shawnee businesses to help them leverage cutting-edge technologies and set the pace within their industries. As a member of the North East Johnson County Chamber of Commerce, we have our finger on the pulse of business culture and happenings in Shawnee – allowing us to help our clients compete locally and globally.

Could Your Company in Shawnee, Kansas Benefit from an IT Business Process Transformation Approach to IT Support?

You’ve likely heard an IT expert on television or in an article talk about IT innovation that drives business transformation.

But that doesn’t mean that you’ve bought into the idea.


Because your thinking is, “I don’t have time to disrupt my operations for a technology overhaul – even if it did give me a boost in efficiency.”

You’re not alone.

But here’s where the confusion rests for a lot of Shawnee business leaders.

IT business process transformation is not about tearing your business technology apart like a car engine, letting it sit on a workbench for a week, and putting it back together better and faster.

You’re right.

You don’t have time to stop operations and have someone do that.

For the CCI team, IT business process transformation is about the following steps that result in a highly optimized IT environment for you and your staff.

  • Assessment – Surveying your IT environment and determining where it could better serve your existing processes.
  • Integration – Working to get your hardware, software, and cloud applications all “talking” to each other efficiently.
  • Protection – Securing your entire business technology investment to help ensure protection from criminal disruption.
  • Automation – Discovering manual tasks within your processes that can be automated – freeing up valuable employee resources for more important tasks.
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Operational Monitoring – Ensuring that the progress made in steps #1 to #4 is maintained and improved upon.