We believe that quality IT is more that just head-knowledge and certifications.


Doing the right thing by your customers and insurance providers

Compliance, in a nutshell, is proving you are following the guidelines that those around you require for a continued relationship.

Let’s be honest, nobody likes a compliance conversation. It usually starts with a phone call or email and goes like this, “Hello, I’ll be sending you a short little form that I need you to fill out. It’s no big deal, it just shows that you are doing the normal security things for your organization. I’m sure you are in good shape.”

You then receive a form that is pages in length full of technical jargon, cryptic questions, and endless frustration. To make this even more fun, there’s usually a tight deadline on returning the form.

CCI Team can come alongside you. We will help you process the request. We will translate the requirements into actionable tasks. Policy writing, cyber security tool deployment, process documentation – we bring a “can do” attitude to these engagements.

Compliance is a part of day to day business. It helps your business run safer. It prepares you to win future contracts easier. We can’t tell you it’s painless and easy. But, we can assure you it’s a good thing for your organization. Seat belts don’t improve your enjoyment of riding in a vehicle, yet they are beneficial. Walking through a cyber security risk assessment, compliance verification, or maybe you are wanting to align with a framework (HIPAA, NIST CSF, CIS…) – we will make the process easier.

Why CCI for Your Company?


You’re not just a “number”, you’re a friend and someone we want to get to know.


We focus on serving you and being cost effective for all of your IT and security needs.


We care about your business – ultimately, we feel successful when you are first.

Here are CCI’s Tools

Below we can list out our tools that we can use with clients.

Managed IT

Fortigate Download

Who is maintaining your computer and IT systems?

Kaseya installer

Many companies can run their own IT operations, but need help with executive cyber security direction. We can help here!

Cyber Security

Many IT service providers claim to offer “cybersecurity.” But, are you really getting value and moving the needle here?

Cyber Security

Do you have a client/insurance provider that is asking you to comply with their cyber security guidelines? Is the check-list overwhelming? Let us walk you through the process!

Protecting your network and computers from cyber attacks should be your #1 priority. It’s ours!

Serving the US Heartland

Does your business need help with implementing an IT strategy?

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