We Love Serving Overland Park Businesses!

Overland Park is a pillar in the KC metro community – the most developed section of 435. Within the OP borders is Corporate Woods, the Metcalf towers, and the Sprint Campus. Best of all, Overland Park is proud home to more health food stores than any neighboring community!

As a business owner in OP, you have some heavy-hitting neighbors.
How do you set your business apart in a city that knows how to win at business?

How do you provide your employees with unbridled efficiency, so they can help you stand out among the competition?
Keep reading and we’ll show you!

Is Your Overland Park Company’s IT Environment and IT Support Providing You with Opportunities to Streamline Processes?

Overland Park business owners know that technology plays a key role in internal workflow. Nearly everything you do is either directly or indirectly connected to a computer.

So here’s the question.

How do you use technology to gain those few percentage points of efficiency that will give you an advantage against your Overland Park competitors?

Let us tell you about a client of ours named Frank.

Frank runs a mid-size accounting firm in the heart of the city.

Frank’s problem?

Well, once he contacted the CCI team and we had a little time to do some investigation, we learned that he actually had two problems. First, some of the hardware and software that his team was using was woefully past its useful lifespan.

And second, the cloud assets that he was using weren’t integrated well with his on-premise software solutions.

As a result, his systems were slow, and Frank’s administrative staff was having to do manual data input instead of having systems that “talked” to each other.

It took about a week, but we were able to get Frank’s firm working more efficiently and more productively. As a result, he estimates that we saved his employees two hours a month. Considering the number of employees that Frank has, this added up to a significant reclamation of productivity loss and helps his team meet project deadlines more easily.