How Confident Are You About Your Ongoing Cybersecurity Posture? Check Out Our Security as a Service Offering

Although Kansas City isn’t a hotbed of cybercrime, it’s still important for businesses large and small to stay vigilant.


Because the bigger businesses on the coasts have hardened their defenses against hackers, the criminals are beginning to target softer targets in middle America more aggressively. After all, distance is irrelevant when it comes to the internet. It’s just as easy for a hacker in another region to target Kansas City as it is for them to target New York City – and just as profitable.

So how do you prepare your business?

By hiring IT security professionals to provide comprehensive, continuous IT security maintenance and monitoring.

What is Included In our Security as a Service Offering?

  • Security Component Implementation and Configuration
  • Network Security
  • Ongoing, Remote Security Monitoring
  • Employee Online Cybersecurity Training
  • Internet Traffic Security
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Email Security
  • Business Continuity Strategy
  • Data Backup, Security, and Recovery
  • Breach Remediation
  • WiFi Security
  • Fast Response to IT Security Concerns