Why We Love Serving Mission Businesses!

Mission businesses are in an amazing spot! As the gateway to the plaza, Mission has Leawood and Overland Park to the south, Kansas City MO to the east. Having the big players all around you gives you the advantage of being close to suppliers and strategic business partners.

What isn’t so great is that your competitors are in the larger surrounding areas – making it difficult for you to make your mark.

The CCI team of IT support professionals love supporting the businesses of Mission because we enjoy helping companies drive higher efficiencies and gain ground in the fight to edge out competition. The CCI team is a part of the Northeast Johnson County Chamber, and we are enthusiastic about the future of business here in Mission.

All the Businesses in Mission Have Access to Similar Technology, but What About Strategic IT Support?

Today’s hardware and software developers are in a pitched battle to provide user-friendly IT environments to the small to mid-size business market. Their marketing seems to indicate that their product is ready to go, right out of the box.

But let’s be frank.

Have you found that to be the case?

Does your software integrate with your existing applications and cloud solutions right out of the box?

Are your computers, tablets, and smartphones protected against cybercrime from the moment you pick up the box from the vendor?

Of course not.

The difference between companies in Mission that are putting up with their technology and the ones that are leveraging technology for their competitive advantage is their perspective on IT support.

Some less mature companies Google a number and call a computer-fix-it guy when their systems break down.

Other, more forward-leaning companies engage IT support professionals who tailor the company’s IT systems to become the foundation for efficient, dependable workflows.

So, what kind of company are you?

Are you always reacting to IT problems, or have you joined the ranks of Mission businesses that have discovered a comprehensive, active approach to IT maintenance and management?

Keep reading, and we’ll tell you more about the transformative IT Operations model of IT support.