You Run A Leawood Business –
Is Your IT Support Solution Up to the Challenge?

If you’re operating in Leawood, there are a lot of unwritten expectations, and you have to live up to each one of them. Customers expect you to be on your A-game, every time, all the time!



It’s Leawood!

Your upscale, Leawood clients demand more from businesses within our community.

Is your IT environment providing the streamlined, dependable efficiency you need to meet their high expectations?

Don’t miss another deadline or disappoint another client because of your unreliable business technology or inconsistent IT support.

Partner with the professional technology services team of CCI.

Is Your Leawood Business Lacking Efficiency Because You’re Not Asking Your IT Support Provider the Right Questions?

You run a business here in Leawood, but you’re not an IT expert.

So, let us help you.

Here are the five questions you should be asking your IT support company or a company that you are interviewing to serve your IT requirements.

  • “What experience do you have in my industry?”
    This question helps you understand how much they know about your internal processes and how you use technology to support those processes.
  • “What are your response times?
    Do You have a response time guarantee?” This question helps them understand that you are serious about your uptime and that you expect prompt service when required.
  • “What business in Leawood can vouch for your services?”
    This question forces the IT support company to give you the contact information of a current client you can contact for an unbiased assessment of their strengths and weaknesses.
  • “What specialized skillsets does your team bring to the table? What sets your skill set apart from the IT support company down the road?”
    This question helps you separate the mature IT support company from the startups.
  • “Do you offer a comprehensive, budgeted approach to continuous IT support?”
    This question helps you to sort between the garden-variety IT services companies and forward-leaning IT Operations providers that have a subscription-based, complete IT support offering.