Can You Prove Your Compliance?

You’re proud of the business that you are running, and you want to do things right when it comes to handling PII and PHI.
Companies like yours are getting hit with compliance requirements from all sides:

  • The Federal Government (HIPAA, GDPR)
  • Private Consortiums (PCI)
  • Private Companies (Vendor Risk Assessments)

It’s essential that your business be able to provide documented proof of compliance.

You already know that vendor risk management is huge.
If you want to win business from an organization, they’re going to require that you meet their vendor compliance standards. They will assess you against their risk management framework to help them decide if your internal management processes and procedures are up to par.

What are they trying to decide?

They’re looking to see if they can trust you enough to do business with you.

CCI will work closely with your staff to ensure that you meet or exceed the compliance expectations of governing bodies and potential business partnerships.

Compliance Requirements Are Growing Each Year. Are You Prepared?

Compliance is the fastest-growing department in companies of all sizes across the entire spectrum of industries.


Because industry regulators and governmental legislators have stepped in to try to protect the public from the epidemic of data breaches we have seen in recent years.

The problem is that compliance is not “do and done” sort of thing.

Compliance is an ongoing balance of ensuring that cybersecurity strategy and protocols meet the letter and spirit of compliance mandates. This is where the cybersecurity professionals of CCI step into the picture.

We work every day with the requirements of mandates from HIPAA to PCI, and we have a track record of protecting our clients from the pain of non-compliance penalties and endless cycles of audits.