What Do You Need to Know About the CCI and Our Kansas City Staff of IT Support Professionals?

We want our clients to know exactly who we are and how we can help them with their business technology, so let us tell you a little about ourselves.

Our company was founded by Nathan Maxwell. He began his IT career more than twenty years ago working as a full-time IT contractor for enterprise-level corporations in Kansas City, Missouri. During those years, Nathan gained valuable experience and insight into enterprise IT environments that he would later bring to the small to mid-size business market.

Today, Nathan Maxwell leads a tight-knit, carefully selected group of IT support professionals within CCI to serve clients across Kansas City and the surrounding area.

Who Do We Serve Best?

Our IT services offerings are geared for small to mid-size businesses with 10-200 employees and a high reliance on technology within their processes. We’ve found that the clients that profit most from our IT services are those that have a need for continuous uptime, are open to guidance on IT-impacted decisions, and have the capital to maintain and secure their IT infrastructure appropriately.

Our ideal client wants to engage with technology. They see it as the machinery on which their business moves forward.

For example, modern, maintained, optimized machinery works far better than a WWII-era steam engine that someone dragged out of a field and got running again.

We help clients eliminate outdated technology and enable them to be more productive.