Have You Hired Cybersecurity Professionals or IT Techs That Do Scans and Antivirus Updates? – There’s a BIG difference!

You’re a savvy business leader. You watch the news and realize that the big boys are hardening their defenses against cybercrime.

That means that the big boys are no longer the easy target they once were.


Small to mid-size businesses across the nation are the next logical “soft target” for everyone from lone-wolf hackers to rogue nation-states looking to make a fast buck off stealing money, proprietary information, and confidential data.

Here’s the million-dollar question.

How good are your IT guys at cybersecurity?

Sure, they’ve got a page on cybersecurity on their website, and they’re charging you for the service every month, but do they really know what they are doing?

Do they stay on top of current cybersecurity trends?

Are they constantly improving their IT security skills?

What can they tell you about horizon-level IT threats that may pose a danger to your business?

What are they doing about protecting you from those threats? (Besides, “We’ll update your antivirus and check out your firewall settings.”)

The Time to Get Serious About Cybersecurity is BEFORE Your Business Falls Prey to Criminals with Evil Intent.