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We make IT happen.

IT Project Consulting

Consultant's skillsets can disappear into the clouds. Clouds in this case refer to a fairytale land devoid of reality. Our consulting practice focuses on real world solutions to challenging business issues. That’s a lot of buzzwords! Short story – our solutions work! How do we know? It’s not uncommon for our work scope to include installation, integration, and implementation. Have a full time IT staff person? Looking for someone to come alongside them, evaluate their work, and even audit your environment for areas of improvement? Let us know.

Information Security

We assist small business in a variety of industries with hardening their IT infrastructure. It’s our goal to ensure an organization is as secure as possible. Budgets, risk tolerance, legacy equipment, current infrastructure all are factors in crafting an info-sec plan that fits like a glove.

Infrastructure Support

We offer complete management of critical infrastructure -- following a service-oriented approach. We want to deliver quality IT support to our clients. The goal of our specialized technical expertise and standardized procedures is minimum downtime and optimal use of server, network and user resources. Your IT infrastructure should support your business goals and objectives – not complicate and inhibit them.


Nathan Maxwell


Information Security Practitioner

Nathan is highly-skilled to assist you with all your IT needs, including network administration, PCI compliance, and information security.

Steve Maxwell

President of CCI Team

Logistics for Swift Otter Studios

Steve is our President. He thrives on helping businesses achieve their maximum potential.

Joseph Maxwell

Lead Developer

Swift Otter Studios

Joseph is the lead-developer and creative behind Swift Otter, specializing in customized websites that will meet your specific needs.

Jesse Maxwell


Swift Otter Studios

Jesse, another Swift Otter creative, delivers the website's clean, professional look you want, and he enjoys programming custom sites as well.

Christopher Maxwell

Lead Photographer

Swift Otter Studios

Christopher is our lead Photographer and also one of our Project Managers. He has a knack for details and loves to solve problems, especially when it improves a visitor’s experience using a website.

John Maxwell

President of Maxwell Irrigation

Maxwell Irrigation

John's passion is to help people use their water resources more efficiently through the best possible irrigation designs. His goal is to increase growers crop production, while lowering water input.

We are a small, highly skilled, fast-moving group of individuals who are passionate about our client's success. We help our clients succeed by providing technology and support services. Communication Concepts also operates several DBA's in specialized industries.

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